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Harold Mair Darwin

Harold Mair the former Labor Member for Albury, Parliament New South Wales, and former Mayor of Albury standing on the Esplanade walkway Darwin City, Northern Territory. Harold ...

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Pam Stone Devils Marbles

Pam Stone visiting the Northern Territory, Devils Marbles on the Stuart Highway. Karlu Karlu / Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve is located in the locality of Warumungu south ...

Thumbnail pms and harold mair

Pam Stone and Harold Mair

Pam Stone and Harold Mair at Zealandia Crescent, Larrakeyah Darwin. Visiting the Stone family.

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Graduation Josephine Stone

Graduation Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne Josephine G. Stone.

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Josephine Stone and Pam Stone, Jakarta

Josephine Stone and Pam Stone attending Chief Ministers Reception Jakarta, Indonesia. Accompanied by DFAT staff from the Australian Embassy. Venue Borobudur Hotel Jakarta. 

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Notice of Signing of Medical Certificate of Cause of Death

Copy of the Notice of Signing of Medical Certificate of Cause of Death of Leslie Edwin Stone on 27 December 1974 at the Mercy Hospital Albury. Singed by the treating Medical Pra...

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Wedding Invitation Terry Stone & Sharon Pedersen

Invitation to the wedding of Sharon Pedersen and Tery Stone from Jack and Doreen Pedersen; Pam Stone at St Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Sale. Order of Service of the Nuptial Mass.

Thumbnail serina randazzo and madeleie stone

Serina Randazzo and Madeleine Stone

Preview thumbnail postcard from east timor

Post Card from Dili, East Timor Terry Stone

Postcard from Terry Stone to his mother Pam Stone. Terry Stone was the in-country manager of Waste Master (Brambles Limited) during the period of the International Force East Ti...

Preview thumbnail margaret seideli aug 2001

Letter from a neighbour following Terry Stone murder

A letter to Pam Stone from Margaret Seidel, a neighbour following the stabbing murder of her son Terry. The letter spoke volumes as to the character of Terry Stone.

Thumbnail anna noval 2007

Anna Novak

Sister to Josephine Stone nee Novak on Darwin Harbour against background sunset.

Preview thumbnail expo 1988

EXPO 1988

Pam Stone was an intrepid, adventurous traveller. Pam had always planned to travel with her husband Les in his retirement. His premature death in 1974 derailed her plans so toge...

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Anna Novak

Anna Novak was photographed in Darwin on the occasion of the Investiture of Josephine Stone AM.

Preview thumbnail mas presentation to supreme court 14 dec 2022

Presentation of newly admitted Barristers to the Supreme Court QLD

The presentation of King's Counsel commissions and recognition of newly admitted Barristers and traditional exchange Christmas Greetings Supreme Court of Queensland. Madeleine S...

Thumbnail jgs  ms   sls 14 dec 2022

Josephine, Madeleine and Shane Stone

Mrs. Josephine Stone AM, Ms. Madeleine Stone, Barrister-at-Law, and the Hon Shane L Stone KC AC in the Foyer of the Banco Court following the presentation of King's Counsel comm...

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Pam Stone Passport

Surviving Australian Passport of Pam Stone 11 June 1986 - 11 Jun 1991.

Thumbnail josephine  madeleine and jack

Josephine Madeleine and Jack Stone

Josephine Stone with her children Madeleine and Jack celebrating a birthday. Shane Stone is behind the camera at Zealandia Crescent, Larrakeyah.

Preview thumbnail pam stone international licence 1995

Pam Stone International Driving Permit

Pam Stone was a regular and adventurous traveler following the death of her husband Les Stone. Widowed at 44 years Pam lamented that her plans to travel with Les in their retire...

Preview thumbnail jean whitla

BMM Jean Whitla 'Finally, some common sense'

Letter to the Editor by Jean Whitla on Council secrecy Border Morning Mail 'Finally, some common sense'.

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Speech Albury Centenary Federation Project

Speech made by Alderman David McLay at the unveiling of the top 10 pioneers selected under the Albury Federation Project Border Pioneers and Heritage Trial at the Albury Regiona...