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BMM Jean Whitla 'Finally, some common sense'

Letter to the Editor by Jean Whitla on Council secrecy Border Morning Mail 'Finally, some common sense'.

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Speech Albury Centenary Federation Project

Speech made by Alderman David McLay at the unveiling of the top 10 pioneers selected under the Albury Federation Project Border Pioneers and Heritage Trial at the Albury Regiona...

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Superwall Licensed Applications Terry Stone

Certified and licensed applicator in the State of Victoria Terry Stone approved by Trowelcraft Industries (Vic) Pty Limited.

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Border Morning Mail 'Tenancious Stone Dies'

Border Morning Mail media report of the passing of Pam Stone. Frontpage headline 'Tenacious Stone Dies'. Pam Stone would be very pleased with the knowledge that even in death sh...

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Internment of Ashes and Graveside Service Pam Stone and Terry Stone

The Internment of Ashes and Graveside Service of Pamela Stone OAM JP and Terry Stone at the Wodonga Cemetery.

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Media Coverage Pam Stone Passing

ABC media coverage of the passing of Pam Stone OAM JP first Woman Mayor of Wodonga.

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Pam Stone Eulogy Howard Jones OAM


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Councillor Pam Stone JP 6th Mayor City of Wodonga

The second cut of the official portrait of the first female Mayor of the Rural City of Wodonga Councillor Pam Stone JP. Councillor of the Rural City of Wodonga Certificate of Se...

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Tribute Pam Stone Wodonga City website

A tribute was posted to the Wodonga City website following the passing of Pam Stone and Ray O'Toole. Ray was the deputy Town Clerk to Andrew Rutkowski dating from the time of la...

Preview thumbnail pam stone  first woman elected to wodonga city council and its first female mayor  dies aged 93   abc news

ABC On-Line Coverage passing of Pam Stone OAM JP

ABC News online coverage 'Pam Stone, first woman elected to Wodonga City Council and its first female mayor, dies aged 93'

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Screen shot Les Stone Wodonga Historical Society website

A screenshot from the Wodonga Historical Society website featuring an extract on the first Mayor of Wodonga Councillor Les Stone together with some posts and contributions.

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Headstone Les Stone

The headstone of the late Leslie aka Les Stone JP Wodonga Lawn Cemetery.

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Pam Stone OAM at Pam Stone Park Wodonga

Pam Stone OAM visiting the Pam Stone Park Wodonga at age 90 years. This was the first occasion Pam had seen the signage in place since the naming of the park 10 years previously...

Thumbnail pam stone park 17 aug 2019

Madeleine and Pam Stone

Pam and Madeliene Stone at the Pam Stone Park Wodonga. This was the first occasion Pam had seen the signage in place since the naming of the park. Pam last visited the park in M...

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Madeleine Stone at Les Stone Park in Wodonga

Madeleine Stone standing next to the plaque in the Les Stone Park commemorating her grandfather's contribution to Wodonga. Her second visit 20 years on. Following the death of L...

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Jean Whitla OAM

Jean Whitla OAM conservative stalwart campaigning for Cathy McGowan in the Federal seat of Indi against sitting Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella. A close family friend and supporter ...

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BMM 'Youth Council Grows Up'

Border Morning Mail 'Youth Council Grows Up'. Coverage of a meeting of the Rural City of Wodonga Youth Council that met every 6 weeks. The meetings were chaired by the Mayor, on...

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Letter from Jean Whitla

Correspondence from Mrs Jean Whitla following the retirement of Shane Stone as Chief Minister of Australia's Northern Territory. Extensive mail, fax and telephone messages were ...

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BMM 'Then a model of poise'

Border Morning Mail 'Then a model of poise'. Lisa Ebeling taking part in a mannequin parade at Wodonga State School fete assisted from the catwalk by Councillor Les Stone, Mayor...

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Pam Stone

Councillor Pam Stone JP at the front of the Wodonga Civic Centre, Wodonga. See also Archive People Pam Stone