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Thumbnail archie

Archie Stone

Archie Stone at Caboodle at rest New Farm.

Thumbnail archie 7 feb 201223

Archie Stone

Archie was a rehome dog adopted by Josephine Stone as age 2 years.

Thumbnail figgy xmas day 25 dec 2021  2

Figaro aka Teddy Bear Stone Christmas Day

Teddy Bear Stone, aka Figaro and sometimes Figgy on Christmas Day at Seapearl Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast Queensland with his Christmas Dinner, a bone bigger than him. It took hi...

Thumbnail teddy bear

Figaro aka Teddy Bear Stone

The Stone family dog, Figaro aka Teddy Bear sometimes also known as Figgy at home in New Farm, Brisbane.

Thumbnail puma the mercatt

Puma the Merrkat

Horatio aka Puma Stone masquerading as a meerkat, obviously watching too much television.

Thumbnail puma at rest nf

Horatio aka Puma Stone

Lounging on the fence in New Farm soaking up the sun, Horatio aka Puma Stone.

Thumbnail puma in nf 21 oct 2021

Horatio aka Puma Stone

On the fence in New Farm, Horatio aka Puma Stone.

Thumbnail figgy on his new farm bed 21 aug 2021

Figgy aka Teddy Bear Stone

Figaro, aka Teddy Bear Stone, at rest on his sleepover bed at New Farm.

Thumbnail teddy bear

Figaro aka Teddy Bear

Figaro aka Teddy Bear first thing in the morning looking angry, grumpy and sleepy.

Thumbnail figgy at rest

Figaro aka Teddy Bear Stone

At rest the family dog Figaro aka Figgy at rest in New Farm.

Thumbnail madeleines goat  2

Madeleine Stone and a baby goat

Madeleine Stone feeding pet goats in the children's enclosure Dream World Koala Country Gold Coast Queensland.

Thumbnail horatio stone aka puma

Horatio Stone aka Puma

Horatio Stone, aka Puma in a pot in the backyard of the New Farm home.

Thumbnail puma and friend 15 nov 2020

Puma Stone

Horatio aka Puma Stone with a new friend.

Thumbnail philly at home

Philly Stone at home

Family cat Ophelia aka Philly the baby cat t New Farm.

Thumbnail tb on his bed nf

Figaro aka Teddy Bear Stone

Teddy Bear Stone at New Farm on his 'inside bed' checking out the humans.

Thumbnail puma on the dinning table new farm 15 aug 2020

Horatio aka Puma Stone

Family lead, premier cat Horatio aka Puma Stone on the back barb cue table at New Farm, Brisbane.

Thumbnail philly new farm back garden 15 august 2020

Ophelia aka Philly Stone

Ophelia, the baby cat aka Philly Stone befriending the garden gargol New Farm garden.

Thumbnail baby cat on the fence new farm 4 aug 2020

Opelia aka Philly Stone

Ophelia, aka the baby cat aka Filly Stone on the side fence New Farm. 

Thumbnail teddy bear aka figaro at rest new farm

Figaro aka Teddy Bear Stone at rest

Figaro Stone aka Teddy Bear at rest in the New Farm house.

Thumbnail baby cat on bed june 2020

Ophelia aka Philly Stone

Ophelia aka Philly Stone replaced Benny following his untimely death in March 2016. She was purchased from the RSPCA shelter in Brisbane. Also known as Pee Wee. Making herself a...