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Wedding Terry Stone & Sharon Pedersen

The wedding was held at St Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Sale. The celebrant the Rev Father Brian O'Connor. The bridal party included members of both families.

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Bendigo Advertiser 'Australian Killed in Dili'

Media report on the murder of Terry Stone published in the Bendigo Advertiser, 'Australian Killed in Dili' sub 'Bendigo-born man stabbed'. Terry Stone was born in Albury NSW, an...

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Menu Government House Darwin

Following the investiture of Mrs. Josephine Stone AM (For service to the community of the Northern Territory and to the law), His Honour the Administrator Ted Egan AO and Mrs. N...

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Superwall Licensed Applications Terry Stone

Certified and licensed applicator in the State of Victoria Terry Stone approved by Trowelcraft Industries (Vic) Pty Limited.

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BMM Quickwall Advertisement

Advertisement placed in the Border Morning Mail advertising Quickwall Product and applicator solid plasterer Terry Stone pictured with his team.

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Pam Stone Certificate of Cremation

Certificate of Cremation of Pamela Mary Stone Avondale Crematorium.

Preview thumbnail bmm tenancious stone dies 8 august 2022

Border Morning Mail 'Tenancious Stone Dies'

Border Morning Mail media report of the passing of Pam Stone. Frontpage headline 'Tenacious Stone Dies'. Pam Stone would be very pleased with the knowledge that even in death sh...

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Harold Mair OAM

Preview thumbnail funeral mass harold mair

Harold Mair Order of Service Funeral Mass

The Order of Service Funeral Mass Harold Mair OAM, former Mayor of Albury and State Labor Member for Albury in the New South Wales Parliament.

Preview thumbnail pam stone internment of ashes

Internment of Ashes and Graveside Service Pam Stone and Terry Stone

The Internment of Ashes and Graveside Service of Pamela Stone OAM JP and Terry Stone at the Wodonga Cemetery.

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Diane Maloney and Pam Stone

Photograph of Diane Maloney and Pam Stone at Myilly Apartments on the day of Josephine's Investiture in the Order of Australia.

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Media Coverage Pam Stone Passing

ABC media coverage of the passing of Pam Stone OAM JP first Woman Mayor of Wodonga.

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Pam Stone Eulogy Howard Jones OAM


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Border Morning Mail Advertisement Terry Stone

Advertisement placed in the Border Morning Mail by Pam Stone following the death of Terry Stone thanking the community for their support. Special mention was made of Bob McLean ...

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Terry Stone Sodens Hotel Commemoration

Terry Stone's sister Susan (Suzy) organized a commemorative get-together of Terry's friends and former work colleagues at Sodens Hotel in Albury. This was an important occasion,...

Thumbnail terry stone albury botanical gardens 1958

Terry Stone

Photograph taken of Terry Michael Stone, son of Pam and Leas Stone was taken in the Albury Botanical Gardens, the city of his birth.

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Terry Stone Order of Service Funeral Mass

The funeral of Terry Michael Stone was held at St Mary's Star of the Sea War Memorial Cathedral. The Order of Service Requiem Mass was celebrated by the Catholic Bishop of the N...

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Pam Stone Eulogy Phil Barresi

Eulogy by the former Liberal Federal member for Deakin Mr. Phil Barresi honouring Mrs. Pam Stone OAM JP.

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Sussan Ley MP Condolence Pam Stone

A condolence card from the Federal Member for Farrer the Hon Sussan Ley MP Deputy Federal Leader of the Liberal Party following the passing on Mrs. Pam Stone OAM JP, the first w...

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Pam Stone Internment of Ashes and Graveside Service

Border Morning Mail Pam Stone OAM JP Internment of Ashes and Graveside Service.