Preview thumbnail birth certificate margaret scully 11 april 1862

Margaret Scully (Birth Certificate)

Victoria Birth Certificate Births Deaths & Marriages No.2084/11657 1862

Preview thumbnail 1861 england census john stone

England Census 1861 (John Stone) Database: 1861 England Census Detail: Class: RG9: Piece: 1453: Folio: 7: Page: 8: GSU Roll: 542815

Preview thumbnail marriage certificate david blair stone   maria bilston 10 oct 1860

David Blair Stone and Maria Elizabeth Bilston (Marriage Certificate)

Victoria Marriage Certificate Birth Deaths & Marriages No.1/318

Preview thumbnail john   harriet stone passport applications circa 1860

John and Harriett Stone (passport applications)

Passport applications John Stone No:22269 1 June 1860; Harriett Stone No: 19256 18 April 1860.

Preview thumbnail birth certificate william henry stone 7 march 1860

William Henry Stone (Birth Certificate)

UK General Registry Birth Certificate No.227 of 1860

Preview thumbnail death certificate thomas ellen lascelles 11feb 1859

Thomas Allen Lascelles (Death Certificate)

Victoria Death Certificate Birth Death & Marriages No.98 1704

Preview thumbnail birth certificate william h stone 5 may 1845

William Henry Stone (Birth Certificate)

UK General Registry Birth Certificate No. 28 1845

Preview thumbnail portland district

Map Portland District

Portland District (later part of Victoria) Colony of New South Wales.

Preview thumbnail convict pardon   ticket of leave thomas bilston

Thomas Bilston (Convict Record Ticket of Leave)

Pardon & Ticket of Leave of convict Thomas Bilston.

Preview thumbnail death register ellen guy nee wainwright 8 nov 1839

Ellen Guy nee Wainwright (Death Certificate).

Tasmania Death Certificate Births Deaths & Marriages No. 478 1839

Thumbnail ellen wainwright s grave back creek cemetry magra tasmania

Ellen (Eleanor) Guy (Gay) alias Esther Eccles nee Wainwright headstone

Headstone of First Fleet convict Ellen Wainwright Back Creek Cemetery Magra Tasmania.

Preview thumbnail baptismal certificate george yarra bilston 14 july 1841

George Yarra Bilston (Baptism & Birth)

Victoria Baptism Register Births Deaths & Marriages No. 335 14 July 1841; born 10 August 1838

Preview thumbnail marriage certificate george yarra bilston   ellen augustine mcelligott 12 dec 1836

George Yarra Bilston and Ellen Augustine McElliogott (Marriage Certificate)

Victoria Marriage Certificate Birth Deaths & Marriages No. 59 1856

Preview thumbnail marriage certificate copy thomas bilston   ann wheeler 23 april 1835

Thomas Bilston and Anne Wheeler (Marriage Certificate)

Tasmania Marriage Certificate Birth Deaths & Marriages No.329 1835

Preview thumbnail court   transportation thomas bilston

Thomas Bilston (Convict Record)

Convict and Transportation Register Warwick. Record of trial and conviction. Departed England 29 July 1823 aboard Asia for Van Dieman's Land.

Preview thumbnail baptism nicholas goad stone 26 dec 1813

Nicholas Goad Stone (Baptism)

Parish Register Baptism Record No. 39 1813

Preview thumbnail thomas gay third fleet convict 1791

Thomas Guy (Gay) (Convict Record)

Convict 3rd Fleet married Ellen Wainwright.

Thumbnail rose stone nee dannock   edwin stone

Rose Stone nee Dannock and Edwin aka Ned Stone

Paternal grandparents of Leslie Edwin Stone. Date unknown.

Thumbnail rose  anna  diane  josephine   mark novak

Rose, Anna, Dianne, Josephine and Mark Novak

Novak children in Wagga undated.

Thumbnail pam stone mayor of wodonga  1

Pam Stone

Taken at the family home 225 Lawrence Street Wodonga during Pam's term as Mayor. Date unknown. Councillor of the Rural City of Wodonga Certificate of Service and Mayor of the Ru...