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Preview thumbnail military service italy miroslav novak

Miroslav aka Miro Novak (Record of Service)

Preview thumbnail usa ww1 draft card albert e fox

Albert Edward Fox (WW1 draft card)

USA World War 1 Draft Card Albert Edward Fox.

Preview thumbnail joseph currie ww1 war service

Joseph Currie (WW1 Service)

World War 1 Service Records deemed deceased 9 July 1916.

Preview thumbnail john currie ww1 service

John Currie (WW1 Service)

World War 1 Service Records. Missing in Action Passchedaele Belgium deemed deceased 9 October 1917.

Thumbnail percy stone medals ww1   ww2

Percy Stone service medals

Service medals of Percy Stone Royal Navy spanning WWI and WWII.

Preview thumbnail the aif project 2007  copyright unsw

Thulbourne Eustace Smith (Military Service)

Service of Thulbourne Eustace Smith in the Australian Infantry Forces (AIF). Project of the University of NSW. Material copyright to UNSW.

Preview thumbnail rn servive w. percy stone

Percy Stone (Service Records)

Royal Navy Service Records Percy Stone.

Thumbnail percival augustus hugh aka gus stone circa 1945

Percival Augustus Hugh aka Hugh Stone RAF

Percival Augustus Hugh aka Hugh Stone RAF killed Africa WWII. Reported missing in action 23 March 1945.

Preview thumbnail francis hope lascelles british army records circa 1916

Francis Hope Lascelles (WWI Record)

UK War Records NW16/15486

Thumbnail percy stone rn ww i circa 1914

Percy Stone

Percy Stone RN circa WWI date otherwise unknown. Later served in WWII.