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Preview thumbnail thiess 80 years strong commerative publication

Thiess 80 Years Strong Commemorative Publication

Publication marking 80 years since the foundation of Thiess by the Thiess Brothers in Queensland. Extract highlighting the Global People Management System being phased out acros...

Preview thumbnail hiroshima

The Australian Military Contribution to the Occupation of Japan 1945 - 1952

The Australian Military Contribution to the Occupation of Japan 1945 - 1952 by Dr James Wood. Australian War Memorial Paper. Sources used in the preparation of this text are ...

Preview thumbnail eucharistic congress 1973 shane and nanna stone  victorian premier dick hamer to the right

Mart Ellen Stone (Eucharistic Congress 1973)

Eucharistic Congress Melbourne 18 - 25 February 1973. Shane and his paternal grandmother Mary Ellen Stone at the Congress Pontifical Mass. Victorian Premier Dick Hamer to the r...

Preview thumbnail holbeton commentary

Holbeton Village. Donns Survey circa 1765

Donns Survey circa 1765. Extract from Devon by W.G.Hoskins (1954). By kind permission of the copyright holder

Preview thumbnail the thorp  family by dick thorp

Richard aka Dick Thorp

Extract of Dick Thorp's recollections from the book 'The Footsteps Echo - Impressions from Waanyarra'. Edited by Lynn Douthat published 1989 Victorian Typesetting Service pp. 1...

Preview thumbnail extract from her blood in our veins. i donald june 1988

Mary Lascelles

Extract from 'Her blood in our veins : the story of Ellen Wainwright (nee Esther Eccles)' by Irene coincide with the Bicentennial Year allegedly written by Mary Lascel...

Preview thumbnail 1901 uk census clareabbey  county clare

1901 UK Census Clareabbey

1901 UK Census Clareabbey, County Clare Ireland.

Preview thumbnail county clare atlas   cyclopedia of ireland 1900

Clare Ireland

County Clare Extract from Atlas & Cyclopedia of Ireland 1900.

Preview thumbnail clare abbey topographical dictionary of ireland 1837


Clare-Abbey, Extract from the Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1837

Preview thumbnail clare county directory 1862

Clare County Directory 1862

Extract from Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862.

Preview thumbnail extracts wodonga city jubilee circa 1998

'Wodonga City A Jubilee History'

Howard Jones 'Wodonga City A Jubilee History' published by the Wodonga City Council 1998 to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Declaration of the City of Wodonga. Parts reproduced...

Preview thumbnail prince of wales

Prince of Wales First Fleet

Prince of Wales First Fleet extract First Fleet Fellowship Victoria Inc. copyright acknowledged.