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Thumbnail botany bay new south wales watercolour by charles gore circa 1789. acknowlegement state library new south wales

Botany Bay New South Wales watercolour

Botany Bay New South Wales watercolour by Charles Gore circa 1789. Acknowledgement State Library New South Wales

Thumbnail botany bay

The Founding of Australia

The Founding of Australia. By Captain Arthur Phillip R.N. Sydney Cove, 26th January 1788, Algernon Talmadge R.A, 1937. Courtesy State Library of New South Wales.

Thumbnail the fatal shore

The Fatal Shore

The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes.

Thumbnail first fleet map

First Fleet journey from Portsmouth to Botany Bay

The First Fleet departed Portsmouth on Sunday 13 May. All the ships reached Botany Bay by Sunday 20 January 1788. With the discovery of Sydney Cove as the preferred site for t...

Thumbnail headstones of elanour   thomas guy circa 2008

Headstones of Ellen Guy nee Wainwright and John Guy

Headstones of Ellen Guy nee Wainwright and John Guy Back Creek Cemetery Magra Tasmania. First and second Fleet Convicts respectively Ellen Wainwright aka Esther Eccles and John ...

Preview thumbnail record of sentence thomas gay circa 1784

John Guy (Gay) (Conviction)

Conviction of John Gay (Guy) Gloustershire Life Sentence.

Preview thumbnail extract from her blood in our veins. i donald june 1988

Mary Lascelles

Extract from 'Her blood in our veins : the story of Ellen Wainwright (nee Esther Eccles)' by Irene coincide with the Bicentennial Year allegedly written by Mary Lascel...

Preview thumbnail ellen wainwright first fleet convict 1788

Ellen Wainwright (Conviction & Transportation)

Record of conviction and subsequent transportation.

Preview thumbnail ellen wainwright conviction

Ellen Wainwright (Conviction)

Record of Conviction of Ellen Wainwright for stealing. Lancaster Preston.

Preview thumbnail david bush convict 1812

David Bush (Convict & Transport Register)

Convict list detailing transportation of David Bush arriving October 1812 on board the Indefatigable.

Preview thumbnail correspondence bilston 1982

Thomas Bilston (Convict Record City of Birmingham Library)

Confirmation of the convict background of Thomas Bilston from the City of Birmingham library.

Preview thumbnail prince of wales

Prince of Wales First Fleet

Prince of Wales First Fleet extract First Fleet Fellowship Victoria Inc. copyright acknowledged.

Preview thumbnail death certificate thomas bilston 5 june 1899

Thomas Bilston (Death Certificate)

Victoria Death Certificate Birth Deaths & Marriages No.910 1899

Preview thumbnail convict pardon   ticket of leave thomas bilston

Thomas Bilston (Convict Record Ticket of Leave)

Pardon & Ticket of Leave of convict Thomas Bilston.

Preview thumbnail death register ellen guy nee wainwright 8 nov 1839

Ellen Guy nee Wainwright (Death Certificate).

Tasmania Death Certificate Births Deaths & Marriages No. 478 1839

Preview thumbnail court   transportation thomas bilston

Thomas Bilston (Convict Record)

Convict and Transportation Register Warwick. Record of trial and conviction. Departed England 29 July 1823 aboard Asia for Van Dieman's Land.

Preview thumbnail thomas gay third fleet convict 1791

Thomas Guy (Gay) (Convict Record)

Convict 3rd Fleet married Ellen Wainwright.