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BMM Weekender 'No Place Like Home'

BMM Weekender 'No Place Like Home'. The challenges were many, but out of migrant reception centres like Bonegilla, now celebrating it's 70th anniversay, a new Australia started ...

Thumbnail anna   miroslav novak circa 1960

Anna and Miroslav Novak

Anna and Miroslav Novak Wagga Wagga NSW.

Thumbnail novak family circa 1961

Novak Family circa 1961

Novak family Wagga NSW. Miroslav (father), Anna (mother). Rose, Anna, Diana, Josephine and Mark.

Thumbnail certificate of authority to remain in australia mroslav novak 21 november 1951

Certificate of Authority to Remain in Australia Miroslav Novak

Certificate of Authority to Remain in Australia Miroslav aka Miro Novak. Today equivalent to PR or Permanent Residency. JPEG Version.

Thumbnail shane   josephine wedding family photo 10 dec 1977

Wedding photo of Josephine Novak and Shane Stone

Shane & Josephine Stone wedding family photo. Left to right: Rose Novak, Anna Novak (mother), Diane Moloney (sister), Anna Novak. Josephine Stone nee Novak. Miroslav Novak, ...

Thumbnail miroslav   daughter josephine novak on the way to the catherdral 10 dec 1977

Wedding Josephine Novak and Shane Stone

Miroslav Novak and his daughter Josephine on the way to St. Stephen's Catholic Cathedral to be married to Shane Stone.

Preview thumbnail marriage certificate miroslav novak   anna milnaric 11 oct 1952

Miroslav aka Miro Novak and Anna Mlinaric (Marriage Certificate)

New South Wales Birth Certificate Birth Deaths & Marriages No. 62 / C90L940 of 1952.

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Miroslav aka Miro Novak (Record of Service)

Preview thumbnail identity card miroslav novak circa 1946

Miroslav aka Miro Novak (Identity Card)

Post WWII Identity Card.

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Miroslav aka Miro Novak (Birth Certificate)

Extract of Birth Certificate Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia (Slovenia) No. 46 of 1926. Slovenia has subsequently become a a Sovereign State in its own right.

Preview thumbnail certificate of authority to remain in australia 21 nov 1951

Miroslav aka Miro Novak (Permission to Remain in Australia).

Nowadays referred to as Permanent Residency (PR) a preliminary step to becoming a citizen of Australia. Certificate No. 57116 of 1951. Previously Miro was the holder of an Alien...

Preview thumbnail aversa camp   italy australian education   attendance record circa 1949

Miroslav aka Miro Novak (Australian Education Class Attendance)

Post WWII Aversa Refugee Camp Italy Australian Education classes. Attendance card recorded Miro's attendance at class prior to his migration to Australia.

Preview thumbnail international refugee organisation italy employment classification 26 august 1949

Miroslav aka Miro Novak (International Refuge Organisation)

Certification of Miroslav Novak in the aftermath of WWII as being a competent farm worker. International Refugee Organisation Certificate No. 10392.

Preview thumbnail certificate of internment miroslav novak

Miroslav aka Miro Novak (Certificate of Internment)

Certificate of Internment in the Wagga Wagga Lawn Cemetery of Miroslav Novak.

Preview thumbnail baptismal certificate miroslav novak 17 july 1938

Miroslav aka Miro Novak (Certificate First Communion)

Jablanika signed by the celebrant Rev Father Karol Jamnik.