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Thumbnail puma the mercatt

Puma the Merrkat

Horatio aka Puma Stone masquerading as a meerkat, obviously watching too much television.

Thumbnail puma at rest nf

Horatio aka Puma Stone

Lounging on the fence in New Farm soaking up the sun, Horatio aka Puma Stone.

Thumbnail puma in nf 21 oct 2021

Horatio aka Puma Stone

On the fence in New Farm, Horatio aka Puma Stone.

Thumbnail horatio stone aka puma

Horatio Stone aka Puma

Horatio Stone, aka Puma in a pot in the backyard of the New Farm home.

Thumbnail puma and friend 15 nov 2020

Puma Stone

Horatio aka Puma Stone with a new friend.

Thumbnail mads and friends

Madeleine Stone and friends

Madeleine Stone with family pets Horatio aka Puma Stone and Figaro aka Teddy Bear Stone having shared some cake.

Thumbnail puma on the dinning table new farm 15 aug 2020

Horatio aka Puma Stone

Family lead, premier cat Horatio aka Puma Stone on the back barb cue table at New Farm, Brisbane.

Thumbnail puma on sls chair

Horatio aka Puma Stone

Horatio aka Puma Stone camping out on Shane's lounge chair in New Farm.

Thumbnail baby puma 26 nov 2012  2

Horatio aka Puma Stone

The baby Horatio aka Puma Stone shortly after his arrival in the Stone family. The first cat ever owned by the Stones. Responsible owner and human Madeleine Stone.

Thumbnail horatio aka puma the black prince stone occupying his favourite spot new farm 2 feb 2019

Puma Stone

Horatio aka Puma the Black Prince Stone occupying his favourite spot of the fence at New Farm. Local celebrity and rock star in the neighbourhood. Responsible human and surrogat...

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The Stone Family in Australia

Portrait shot of the contemporary Stone Family in Australia. We have made a practice of having a professional photo shoot at least once a decade to document our family. As state...

Thumbnail stone 0022

Madeleine Stone and Horatio aka Puma

Madeleine and Horatio aka Puma Stone portrait shot.

Thumbnail stone 0068

Horatio aka Puma Stone

Portrait shot Horatio aka Puma Stone.

Thumbnail stone 0070

Horatio aka Puma Stone

Horatio aka Puma Stone growling and baring his teeth.

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Horatio aka Puma Stone

A new arrival in the Stone family.

Thumbnail puma  2

Horartio aka Puma Stone

Horatio aka Puma Stone first year of life, Madeleine Stone's first cat and not long after he arrived in the Stone household. Held by Jack Stone in Brisbane.

Thumbnail horatio  puma  stone sitting on benny s memorial new farm brisbane 14 october 2017

Horatio Stone aka 'Puma'

Horatio Stone aka 'Puma' sitting on Benny Stone memorial (Benny the cat, not the dog) 41 Hopetoun Way New Farm Brisbane. Benny the cat died a tragic death following a collision ...

Thumbnail pum and benny

Puma and Benny

The Stone Family cats in the backyard New Farm.

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Puma and Benny

Family cats Horatio aka Puma seated. Benjamin aka Benny lying down. Best friends.

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Horatio aka Puma Stone

Horatio aka Puma. Family cat atop back fence Brisbane.