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Thumbnail laying track at millmerran on the darling downs near toowoomba late 1860 s

Laying track at Millmerran on the Darling Downs near Toowoomba

Railway workers laying track at Millmerran on the Darling Downs near Toowoomba late 1860’s. When John Stone arrived in Brisbane in the Crown Colony of Queensland he and his youn...

Thumbnail kangaroo point brisbane 1860s

Kangaroo Point Brisbane River

A stretch of the Brisbane River near Kangaroo Point in the 1860's. This is the scene that John, Harriett and their young family would have observed as they passed up river havin...

Preview thumbnail moreton bay courier 13 dec 1859

Arrival of First QLD Governor (The Moreton Bay Courier)

The establishment of Queensland as Crown Colony predated arrival of the Stone family in Queensland. The Moreton Bay Courier coverage of 'The Arrival and Reception of His Excelle...

Preview thumbnail marriage certificate edwin stone   rose dannock 12 june 1889

Edwin Stone and Rose Anna Dannock (Marriage Certificate)

Victoria Marriage Certificate Birth Deaths & Marriages No. 6140 / 4384 1889.

Preview thumbnail death certificate edwin stone 17 july 1945

Edwin Stone (Death Certificate)

Victoria Death Certificate Birth Deaths & Marriages No. 7202 1945.

Preview thumbnail birth certificate edwin stone 9 april 1863

Edwin Stone (Birth Certificate)

UK General Registry Birth Certificate No. 271 1863.

Thumbnail rose stone nee dannock   edwin stone

Rose Stone nee Dannock and Edwin aka Ned Stone

Paternal grandparents of Leslie Edwin Stone. Date unknown.