Post 1788 Australia was built on successive waves of migration. Stone family members have an English blood line traced to a maternal 6th great grandmother First Fleet Convict Ellen Wainwright and a 6th great grandfather and Third Fleet Convict Thomas Guy. Ellen arrived on board the Prince of Wales in Botany Bay 1788 one of the first European women in New South Wales. Our line of descent in Australia includes convicts from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th fleets as well as subsequent transportations; 5th and 4th great grandfathers on the maternal side were convicts as were a number of great uncles and aunts of that era. Thereafter successive family members of English origin came as free settlers from Plymouth; St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands; Droylsden, Lancashire; Birmingham; and Manchester. The English bloodline is reinforced through the direct patrilineal line of descent - 2nd great grandparents John and Harriett Stone (nee Lowder) born Mothecombe Village near Plymouth and Honiton respectively in Devon. Irish ancestry is through a direct matrilineal line of 2nd great grandparents Michael and Mary Devine (nee Hassett) from County Clare. Scottish ancestry is through great grandparents James and Catherine Currie (nee McArthur) from Glasgow. The Currie line (Cerry and Kerry) appears to have originated in Ireland. Also Scottish ancestry derives through a matrilineal 3rd great grandmother Janet aka Jessie Cameron of Clan Cameron Nair Inverness. In more recent times as a consequence of the shift in Australia’s migration post World War II there is an eastern (some would say central) European ancestry derived from a Yugoslav blood line through marriage (Balinci & Lika, Croatia and Jablanica via Ilirka Bisterica, Slovenian). The Croatian blood line Milnaric (Mueller sometimes Millar) has its origins in Germany. Overwhelmingly the numbers rest with Australians born post 1788 through successive generations inter married with new arrivals.The port of arrival for John and Harriet Stone and their three children under 5 years of age from Plymouth was the new Crown Colony of Queensland. They arrived Morton Bay, then up the Brisbane River and past Kangaroo Point before heading west to Toowoomba and Dalby to work on the railway.

Kangaroo Point Brisbane River

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