The Stone family in Australia Scottish ancestry is through patrilineal great grandparents James and Catherine Currie (nee McArthur) both Catholic. James was born in Lanarkshire Glasgow and Catherine Belfast Ireland. The Currie line (spelt in one document Cerry and another Kerry) appears to have originated in Ireland where Jame’s father Thomas was born. Glasgow was home to a large expatriate Irish population over generations many of whom found their way to Australia. Also through a matrilineal 3rd great grandmother Janet aka Jessie Cameron of Clan Cameron Nair Inverness and her father 4th great grandparent Donald Cameron born Contin Ross – Shire. There is also a matrilineal 3rd great grandfather James Henry aka Howie Thomson born Edinburgh, his mother 4th great grandmother Elizabeth Thomson (nee Brownlee) born Strathaven Lanarkshire. Thom(p)son has not todate had a chiefly line recognised by the Lord Lyon. However Stone’s may wear the Cameron tartan as members of one of the sept Cameron families. Cameron’s fought at Bannockburn with Robert the Bruce against the English on 24 June 1314. The Cameron’s were Jacobites who fought in support of Bonnie Prince Charles at Cullendon on 16 April 1746 where they suffered horrendous casualties. Achnacarry is the ancestral home to the modern (post 1655) Chiefs of Clan Cameron. The name ‘Achnacarry’ is from the Gaelic named “field (achadh) of the (na) fish-trap/weir (caraidh).” It is located on the isthmus between Loch Lochy and Loch Arkaig where Arkaig’s waters run out into the south end of Lochy.

Cameron country West Highlands Scotland

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