Letter of reference from PO Wayne J Bastow RANR

16 December 1985

A letter of reference from chief instructor officer training program Petty Officer Wayne J Bastow RANR HMAS Lonsdale Melbourne Port Division (civilian occupation Sergeant Victorian Police). Shane completed the officer training program at HMAS Lonsdale, HMAS Cresswell and HMAS Cerebus. The course was over 18 months and at times challenging including sea time led by PO Basow. Shane Stone was commissioned and confirmed in rank as a Sub Leuteantant RLEX Seaman Executive Branch. His first assignment post-training was as the Divisional Officer Dive Team 6. He was preceded by Head of Department LCDR Paul Willee RANR, later Queens Counsel promoted CAPT Melbourne Head of Legal Panel. Shane Stone some years later having moved to the Northern Territory post-Melbourne transferred to the legal panel Darwin where he was appointed Head of Panel.

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