National Drought Forum 2021

9 June 2021

In partnership with the National Farmers Federation (NFF), the National Recovery & Resilience Agency (NRRA), hosted the National Drought Forum in Toowoomba QLD to bring together ideas for the future of Australia’s approach to managing drought. As Chairman of the Forum Coordinator-General Shane Stone, led participants from industry peak bodies, charities, the finance and banking sector, and all levels of government in an honest assessment of the current and emerging challenges for drought policies and initiatives. NRRA explored with lead stakeholders on the ground fundamental issues and strategies to ensure the success of a focused and strategic approach to drought and long-term preparedness for farming businesses and communities - what’s working and what isn’t. Lead participants at the Forum Co-Ordinator General of the NRRA the Hon Shane L Stone AC QC, President of the National Farmers Federation Mrs. Fiona Simson, the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Environment & Water, Mr. Andrew Melcalf AO and Dr. Wendy Craik AM, wearing two hats, member of the Future Drought Fund Consultative Committee and Member of the NRRA Advisory Board.  

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