Sydney Morning Herald, 'Good Weekend' 'Out of Order'

21 January 2021

An article carried in all Fairfax Media mastheads including the Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald leading into Australia Day 26 January 2021. Authored by Jaqueline Maley who conducted extensive interviews for the commentary piece. Aspects of the article disputed by those involved in the work of Australian Honours but predictable of what gets printed around the two dates Australian Honours are announced - Australia Day 26 January and Queens Birthday. The article includes the usual putdowns that one comes to expect from the urban elites of Sydney and Melbourne. Shane Stone the Chairman of the Order of Australia described as a ''Traditional bloke from the Northern Territory and a really decent human being''. Still not sure whether 'traditional bloke' is intended as a compliment or put down. The Good Weekend has form when it comes to the Northern Territory. See Little Big Chief

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