Minister for Asian Relations & Trade

30 September 1992

An innovative move by then Chief Minister Marshall Perron to create a Ministry of Asian Relations and Trade, the first in Australia. It sat alongside and within the Department of Industry & Development headed up by Lyal McIntosh. Perron's move was intended to capitalise on the early work of Chief Minister Paul Everingham and was about the NT facing north into the Asia Pacific Region. Former Chief Minister Steve Hatton had also made a valuable contribution to this engagement. Shane Stone was the first appointment and held the position over successive CLP Governments up until his election as Chief Minister - 5th Perron Government 30 Sept 1992 - 15 Sept 1993; 6th Perron Government 16 Sept 1993 - 14 June 1994; 7th Perron Government 5 June 1994 - 17 July 1994; 8th Perron Government 19 July 1994 - 25 May 1995; 1st Stone Government  26 May 1995 - 30 June 1995. Thereafter the Hon Eric Poole MLA was appointed Minister. Photograph of the Hon Shane L Stone MLA against the backdrop of a very large fixed map of the Asia Pacific region that featured in every Ministerial office on the 5th floor of Parliament House in Darwin. For Shane Stones other Ministerial appointments see.

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