Letter of reference from Rev Father George Pell

11 November 1975

Letter of reference from Rev Father George Pell at the time Principal of Aquinas College, the Institute of Catholic Education. Shane Stone has maintained a lifetime contact with George Pell dating from their time working together at the Institute of Catholic Education. His Eminence George Pell  AC is a Cardinal of the Catholic Church. Ordained a priest in 1966 George Pell completed his D Phil at Oxford and Licentiate at the Pontifical University Rome. Later he completed an M Ed at Monash University. He worked as a priest in Ballarat and Melbourne. George Pell was Director of Aquinas College Ballarat part of the Institute of Catholic Education, subsequently the State College of Victoria – Institute of Catholic Education where he and Shane Stone worked together. He was an Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne (1987–1996). seventh Archbishop of Melbourne (1996–2001) and eighth Archbishop of Sydney (2001–2014). He was made a cardinal in 2003. He chaired the aid organisation Caritas Australia from 1988 to 1997. He served as the inaugural prefect of the Secretariate for the Economy between 2014 and 2019 and was a member of the Council of Cardinal Advisors between 2013 and 2018, He was appointed as a delegate to the Australian Constitutional Convention in 1998, he received the Centenary Medal from the Australian government in 2003 and was appointed a Companion of the Order of Australia in 2005. Accused, convicted and imprisoned in Victoria on sexual offences George Pell was acquitted 7- nil by the High Court of Australia after an extended period held in solitary confinement, 13 months into a 6-year sentence. He remains a close friend to Shane and Josephine Stone.

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