Grassdale Feedlot Dalby visit

November 2020

Grassdale Feedlot was officially opened by Mort & Co in 2007. Employs 110 team members and is licensed for 70,000 SCUs, making it the largest feedlot in Australia. Grassdale inducts and exits 3800-4500 head of cattle per week. An additional 6000-8000 drafting and pen movements also occur during this time. In addition to the trade and shortfed programs, all cattle that fall under Mort & Co’s Phoenix Beef Wagyu brands, The Phoenix (F1-F4 Marbled Wagyu) and Master Selection (Purebred & Fullblood) are housed at Grassdale. There are 377 cattle pens that vary in size based on their capacity. These range from 90-365hd. Pens include access to clean drinking water, ample space for cattle, cable-supported shade structures, efficient drainage and slip formed feed bunks allowing appropriate spacing for cattle. Agency Advisory Board, Audit and Risk Committee members visited together with Agency staff. Those participating in the visit included the following: Agency staff Member Tamara Lai, Chief Information Officer Bas Wilson, Agency staff member Damian Ryan, Advisory Board member Don Heatley OAM, Nous Chief Economist Nous Group Steve Corcoran, Agency Chief Economist Ken Clarke, COO Nico Padovan PSM, Coordinator-General the Hon Shane Stone AC QC, Executive Director Flood and Data Paul McNamara, Grassdale Feedlot Manager Marcus Doumany, Audit and Risk Committee Member Emma Robinson, CFO Katrina Tonkin, Audit and Risk Committee Member Peter Conran AM, Agency staff member Morgan Tozer and Agency staff member Gabrielle Groth.

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