After the flood: A strategy for long term recovery Winton QLD

6 November 2020

The Co-ordinator General National Drought and Flood, North Queensland Response and Recovery Agency, the Honourable Shane L Stone AC QC addressing the Winton Shire Council on After the flood: A strategy for long-term recovery, a blueprint for a prosperous and secure future for North and North-West Queensland. It’s the Australian Government’s commitment to supporting the continued recovery from the 2019 North Queensland flood event. The National Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency worked with communities since mid-2019 to develop a strategy that was ‘locally-led, locally understood, locally implemented.’ The strategy was developed with the people of the North and North-West, for the people of the North and North-West. The Strategy will be used by government and non-government organisations, working together, to make North and North-West Queensland’s future strong and sustainable.

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