Prime Ministers speech to the APS

19 August 2019

Speech by the Prime Minister the Honourable Scott Morrison MP to the Australian Public Service in the Great Hall Parliament House outlining what he expects of the Australian Public Service. Highlighting as the exemplar NQLIRA, ''The model I’m most proud of in recent times, and there are many, is the way the APS responded to assist Australians in North Queensland hit by the devastating floods earlier this year. It highlighted the way I like to work as well: pulling the right people together, removing obstacles to the delivery of programs, engaging with those most affected on the ground, and demonstrating that the Government can be there for them when they need it most. This really made a difference. It saved lives, literally, and it saved livelihoods. And it saved a way of life, in Australia that has been there for hundreds of years. This is the sort of agile and responsive public service, which Shane Stone most recently had the privilege to just lead that small team. That sort of attitude we need to further build across all arms of government as Australia navigates rapid change and a more uncertain world''.

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