NT News 'Crack team to transform NT into Australia's comeback capital'

24 May 2020

NT News story ‘Crack Team to transform NT into Australia’s comeback capital’ was published 23 May 2020. It certainly had the Territory talking and with 60 online comments had aroused the ‘natives’ but not in a way the Government anticipated - we have been here before. Almost 12 years ago the Henderson Government embarked on a similar project ‘Vision 2030’. It was the Northern Territory Government's strategic plan for the next 20 years post-2009 commissioned by the Henderson Labor Government. Chaired by ‘Sydney sider’ Mr Bill Moss AO formerly of Macquarie Bank, a thoroughly decent and thoughtful man it received wide coverage in the NT News. In an article penned by staff reporter Nick Calacouras NT News (Saturday News Extra) ‘Crystal Ball Gazing Vision 2030’  2 May 2009 the details were revealed. At the time Shane Stone, former Chief Minister was highly critical of the whole exercise and his views haven’t changed. Checking the current status of the ‘Vision 2030’ plan on the Northern Territory Government Information and Services; it appears to have been quietly binned. Here is the NT News coverage in 2009.

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