The Australian Newspaper Editorial 'Liberals' Day of Reckoning'

18 July 2016

The Australian Newspaper Editorial 'Liberal Day of Reckoning'. Former Party President Shane Stone did not work on the 2016 Federal Election campaign (the first in decades), but he observed enough to understand where the shortcomings and near defeat resulted from. He was incensed by the background briefings to media from the PMO targeting Mark Textor and Tony Nutt. Extract: 'Today’s party room meeting, unusually, will be attended by strategist Mark Textor and the federal Liberal Party director Tony Nutt. It is a chance for members to air the recriminations that have built up as a result of the party’s passive election campaign and its near-death result on July 2. As former Liberal Party president Shane Stone says, Malcolm Turnbull was responsible for the tone and strategy. He must own his misjudgments and would make a bad error if he tried to shift the blame'.

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