'No drought of ideas' The Examiner

21 February 2020

The National Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency were announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on 5 December 2019 to lead a national response to the drought affecting large parts of the country and to continue supporting North Queensland communities affected by wide-spread flooding in early 2019. The Agency is led by the Hon Shane L Stone AC QC, Coordinator-General and Chairman of the Advisory Board. It was previously known as the North Queensland Livestock Industry Recovery Agency (NQLIRA). The Agency’s guiding principle is “Locally led, locally understood and locally implemented” and the Agency will bring together all levels of government, non-government and key industry representatives to work with and support people who are touched by flood and drought. Media coverage of Shane Stone's inspection of the drought zones in Tasmania. 'No drought of ideas' The Examiner Launceston Tasmania. Journalist Rob Inglis; photographer Scott Gelston copyright acknowledged. Not all media coverage has made it into my archives as some are repetitive and syndicated.

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