NQLIRA 6 months on

September 2019

Chairman of NQLIRA Shane Stone, Advisory Board Members Don Heatley OAM and David Galvin at the Burke and Will camp119 (B/CXIX) monument and plaque. On 11 February 1861, four members of the Burke and Wills expedition attempting to cross the Australian continent from south to north, established their most northerly campsite adjacent the Bynoe River (west of the Norman River) in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Two of the party camped at this location for three days while expedition leader Robert O'Hara Burke and surveyor William John Wills ventured further north in an attempt to reach the Gulf coast. During their occupation of the site, the party blazed 15 trees to mark its location. A search party led by Frederick Walker arrived in the area 11 months later, on 8 January 1862, and also established a camp on a small seasonal lagoon near Burke and Wills' Camp B/CXIX. Walker's expedition blazed a tree to record the location of their camp approximately 0.75 miles (1.21 km) north of Burke and Wills' Camp B/CXIX. To understand the environment and the people in which NQLIRA was operating it was important that Agency staff grasped the history and heritage.

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