Letter from JAPEX President

16 February 1999

Correspondence from the Chairman, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co Limited Mr Kazuo Wakasugi following the retirement of Shane Stone as Chief Minister of Australia's Northern Territory. Extensive mail, fax and telephone messages were received from throughout the Territory and from Australia wide, hence, a small selection of the correspondence has been included in the archives. JAPEX engaged in oil and gas E&P (exploration and production) having established an initial presence in Indonesia was also considering Darwin as an Australian point of entry. A Minister for Mines & Energy and later Chief Minister Shane Stone engaged with Japex during regular trips to Japan. The Indonesia Kangean Project which comprised the development and production of mainly natural gas in the Kangean Block located in East Java ultimately came online in 2007. JAPEX never established an Australia presence. Extract: "I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the guidance and support provided to Japex during your office''.

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