Letter from Wendy McHugh

14 February 1999

Correspondence from Jabiru resident Wendy McHugh following the retirement of Shane Stone as Chief Minister of Australia's Northern Territory. Extensive mail, fax and telephone messages were received from throughout the Asia Pacific region, the Territory and from Australia wide, hence, a small selection of the correspondence has been included in the archives. Extract: ''I know we have had our differences from time to time - everyone does...With no reflection on Denis, you were so well suited to the job and were doing it so well - perhaps too well at times. Australia needs people to stand up and make a decision - there is too much compromise these days and no one is happy...The old ''Australian'' image is disappearing...but you succeeded in keeping up the Territory-type image with a bit of refinement and still made us felt and heard at a national level''. The letter went onto to make some observations about Statehood and the alleged role of Steve Hatton in undermining the referendum. Shane Stone responded April 30 and urged support for Denis Burke.

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