Shane Stone Record of Contribution to Debates NT Legislative Assembly

21 February 2000

Record of Contribution to Debates by the Honourable Shane Stone MLA, Member for Port Darwin - Address in Reply, Adjournments, Motions, Bills, Statements, Personal Explanations, Tabled Papers, Matters of Public Importance, Condolence Motions and Matters of Privilege. Prepared by the Parliamentary Library for the period 4 December 1990 to 21 February 2000. Shane Stone retired as Chief Minister on 9 February 1999 and as the Member for Port Darwin on 21 February 2000. He allowed sufficient time for the CLP to pre-select a candidate and hold the seat of Port Darwin. He chose to leave the Legislative Assembly without delivering a valedictory speech as was customary. He didn't believe that the majority of the then CLP Parliamentary Wing would dignify the occasion by even turning up. Many lost their seats in the General Election that followed in 2001.

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