Letter from Malcolm Nairn

11 February 1999

Correspondence from Professor Malcolm Nairn, former Vice Chancellor NTU, following Shane Stone's retirement as Chief Minister. Correspondence, fax and telephone messages were received from throughout the Territory and from Australia wide. The volume of mail was extensive, hence, a small selection has been included in the archives. Extract: ''I wanted you to know that there are many people including myself who have admired the energy, commitment and interest which you gave to the Territory during your time as a cabinet Minister and Chief Minister. I trust history will faithfully acknowledge the remarkable contribution you made to the development of the University, the links with Indonesia and other northern neighbours and the economic viability and enthusiasm which characterises so much of top-end business. Friends are often not as thick on the ground as they should be when political life gets rough but my admiration and gratitude remains undiminished for you''. Shane Stone responded on 28 April 1999, including support for Denis Burke, copy attached.

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