Media Release 'First Freight Train Arrives in Darwin'

17 January 2004

Media Release Chief Minister the Hon Clare Martin MLA. 'First Freight Train Arrives in Darwin'. There was no acknowledgement of the role of former Northern Territory Governments bearing out the political truism ''success has many parents and failure is an orphan'. That generous acknowledgement was left to Prime Minister Howard who noted the role of both sides of politics in the success of the rail project. See Archive Documents 'Transcript of the Address of the Prime Minister Hon John Howard MP at the Official Opening of the Adelaide to Darwin Railway in Darwin (Port of Darwin)'. See also in Archive Documents 'Transcript Speech Prime Minister Howard Country Liberal Party Dinner' where he stated, ''Let me also take the opportunity of telling you very directly as Prime Minister that the great dream that many Northern Territorians have had for so long and indeed many Australians have had for so long and that is to see the realization and building and completion and the operation of the Darwin to Alice Springs railway would not have been achieved without the doggedness and persistence of Shane Stone as the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory''. Clare Martin once interjected in the Legislative Assembly a description of the rail project as ''a faded dream''.

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