Territory Day 1996

1 July 1996

Territorians, those who identify as citizens of Australia’s Northern Territory, celebrate Territory Day on July 1. This date marks the Northern Territory achieving self-government (from the Commonwealth of Australia) on 1 July 1978. This is the only day of the year, apart from the Chinese New Year and New Year's Eve, when fireworks are permitted notwithstanding the Darwin Kalymnian community celebrate Greek Easter with dynamite. Territory Day was also a date for naturalization of new citizens of Australia and the awarding of special awards to acknowledge leading members of the wider Territory community. The Territory Day celebrations commenced on the Esplanade before moving to Parliament House for refreshments. Chief Minister Shane Stone and Mrs Josephine Stone welcoming new Australian citizens, their families and friends to Parliament House following the naturalisation ceremony. Chief Minister Stone welcomes Territorian of the Year 1996 Wendy Fahey.

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