Chief Minister opening of the Essington Secondary School 'Web Site' Darwin

27 March 1998

The Essington School Darwin opened as a Montessori Preschool at the beginning of 1990. Two years after moving into the Greek School in late 1991 the school moved into its current facilities in Chapman Road, Nightcliff in what was previously the Rapid Creek Primary School. The Rapid Creek Primary School was one of three Government primary schools closed down at the time due to declining enrolments. The move and transfer of the asset were facilitated by Education Minister Shane Stone in the Perron CLP Government. In 1997, the school received formal registration to proceed with secondary schooling. In 1998, the new secondary building for the Middle School, the 'Webb Site', was officially opened by Chief Minister Shane Stone in recognition of the outstanding contribution and pioneering efforts of Dr. Graham Webb, President Essington School Council. Emerging senior students speaking on behalf of the student body.

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