Asialink Centre Report


Extract from Report on The Asialink Centre 1995 -1997 a partnership between the Myer Foundation and the University of Melbourne. Asialink was established in 1990 as a joint initiative of the Australian Government's Commission for the Future and the Myer Foundation, one of Australia's oldest and largest philanthropic organizations.The Asialink Centre aimed to help Australians be confident and capable of living and working in partnership with their counterparts in the Asian region. Through its programs in education, public affairs and the arts, Asialink promoted a positive understanding of Asia in Australia and of Australia in Asia. The Asialink Lecture Series, including the annual Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop Asia/ink Lecture, providing opportunities for distinguished regional leaders to present their visions for the future of the Asia-Pacific. Chief Minister Shane Stone delivered the 13th Asialink in Melbourne titled 'Engaging the Asia Pacific: Indonesia and Life After Suharto'. See Archive Documents 13th Asialink Lecture; also Letter from Asialink.

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