NT Delegation to Greece (including Kalymnos and Islands comprising the Greek Dodecanese) and Cyprus

23 September 1995

Chief Minister Shane Stone at Welcome Dinner hosted by the Mayor of Kalymnos Mihailis Diachomihalis and the Prefect Mr. Giorgios Roussos. The Official NT Delegation comprised Chief Minister Stone (and Josephine), Minister Finch (and Lynn), representatives of the NT Greek and Kalymnian Community. NT Delegations led by Shane Stone were highly disciplined and focused activities. Participation was by way of invitation and expression of interest. Pre-departure briefings were mandatory. Delegation members agreed a code of behaviour and to wear identifying NT ties, scarves and NT flag lapel pins when requested. Joint flags (NT and visited country flag) were also made available. An accompanying protocol officer oversaw social engagements and department officers arranged meetings and site visits.

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