Boer War Memorial

31 May 2017

Boer War Memorial ANZAC Parade Canberra. An initiative of Michael Crouch AC, Chairman of the National Boer War Memorial Fund. Shane Stone among others was a subscribed Fund Supporter however Michael Crouch did all the heavy lifting. The cost of the Memorial was $4.4 million. Michael Crouch's his late father served in the Boer War. Except taken from Banjo Paterson poem and reproduced on the Memorial.
“When the dash and the excitement and the novelty are dead,
And you've seen a load of wounded once or twice,
Or you've watched your old mate dying, with the vultures overhead,
Well you wonder if the war is worth the price,
And down along the Monaro now they're starting out to shear,
I can picture the excitement and the row;
But they'll miss you on the Lachlan when they call the roll this year,
For we're going on a long job now”
A.B Paterson ‘Rio Grande’s Last Race and Other Verses’

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