Jack Fletcher OAM

25 September 2017

Jack Fletcher, a Texan by birth was an agricultural pioneer in the West Kimberley of West Australia, a sparsely and remote northern region of the State. Jack formed the Australian Land & Cattle Company (ALCCO), developed seven cattle stations covering 17,400 square kilometres (4.3 million acres) stocked with 100,000 cattle and 1,500 horses, built feed yards and packing plants, and created agencies for Shell, Goodyear and road train freight for the region. ALCCO exported 37 percent of all beef products from the Kimberley and was the largest employer of indigenous people in the region. In fact, over a 20-year period the company put $1 out of every $3 into circulation in the Kimberley. Jack Fletcher is a remarkable and accomplished Australian and author of the book 'Dam or be Dammed', a story based on the great Fitzroy River.

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