IDU Executive Cleveland, Ohio & Republican Party Convention 2016

21 July 2016

The 2016 Republican National Convention was held in Cleveland, Ohio July 18-21, 2016. The International Democratic Union (IDU) sent a delegation including representatives of the Federal Liberal Party and National Party of Australia (see Documents International Visitors Program Participation List). The Federal Liberal Party is the member party from Australia. The IDU delegation participated in The International Visitors Program (see Documents for the RNC International Visitors Program) before convening for an Executive Meeting of the IDU following the RNC Convention (see Documents for IDU Agenda and Participation List of IDU Delegates. The meeting was Chaired by the Deputy Chairman the Right Honourable Tony Clement MP (former Treasurer, Canada in the Harper Government) in the absence of the Chairman the Right Honourable John Key MP, Prime Minister of New Zealand. David Connelly (Canada-Conservative Party National Councillor), Dustin van Vugt (Canada-Conservative Party Executive Director), Arto Satonen (Finland-National Coalition Party, Head of Parliamentary Group), Irakil Kavtaradze (Georgie-UNM Deputy International Secretary), Giorgi Kandelaki MP (Georgia-UNM Political Council Member), Bertil Wenger (Germany-CDU International Secretary), Dr. Hans-Michael Strepp (Germany-CSU Chief Executive Officer), Christian Kattner (Germany-CSU International Secretary; incoming Secretary General IDU), Charles Owiredu (Ghana-NPP International Office Director), Magor Dukasz (Hungry-Fidesz Deputy Campaign Manager, Online & Social Media), the Honourable Kim, Se Yeon MP (Korea-Saenuri Party; Member of the National Assembly, Vice Chairman of the IDU) and Joseph Jbeily (Lebanon-Lebanese Forces Party Head of North America Chapter). Democracy building and reform through the Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program administered and audited by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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