IDU Executive Lima Peru

30 October 2013

IDU Executive held in Lima Peru. Hosted by Partido Popular Cristiano (PPC) 30 October to 1 November 2013. Anibal Zapatini (MDR de Partido Colorado - Paraguay), Oscar Ortiz Antelo ( Party Leader; former President of the Senate Consenso Popular - Bolivia), Azalia Aviles (acting Chairman IWDU, Armando Calderon Sol (former President El Salvador; ARENA - El Salvador); Claudia Cecilia Moller (Vice President Proyecto - Venezuela), Carlos Eduardo Berrizbeita (Proyecto Venezuela), Jose Carlos Alleluia (Vice President Environmental Affairs Democratas - Brazil), Henrique Fernando Salas Romer (Assistant Chairman IDU; Party Leader - Proyecto Venezuela). Democracy building and reform through the Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program formerly administered and audited by AusAID (Australia’s Overseas Aid Program) and now DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade).

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