'Dining Out' CAPT Bob HUME and CMDR Shane STONE

15 April 2016

The formal 'dining out' to mark the retirements of CAPT Bob Hume RFD RANR and CMDR Shane Stone AC QC RANR. Venue Queensland Club, Brisbane. A 'dining out' has its origins in the English Navy and is a formal wardroom (mess) function to farewell a retiring officer. Rules are relaxed to include civilian and family members to attend. Arrival of CMDR Shane Stone AC QC and family members Mrs. Josephine Stone AM, Jack Stone and Madeleine Stone. Guard of Honour Navy cadets from TS Magnus, the Anglican Church Grammar School Brisbane ('Churchie') Navy cadet Training Ship. PO Lewis Solomon, PO Lachlan Veal, AB William Gunn, Recrut Harry Hall, Recruit Ryder Young, Recruit William Fairweather, Recruit Lachlan Kemp, Recruit Lachlan Ulyett, Recruit James Park, Recruit Peter Body, Recruit Stirling McIntyre, Recruit Riley Winten, Recruit Jack Tapsall accompanied by SBLT T Condon and PO R Bocabella. CAPT Bob Hume RFD RANR was formerly a member of TS Magnus.

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