Reserve Force Medal

February 1999

The Reserve Force Medal (RFM). The medal is an oval cupro-nickel medal. The obverse has the Joint Service Emblem on a rayed background. The reverse is inscribed 'FOR EFFICIENT SERVICE IN THE RESERVE FORCES'. The Reserve Force Medal may be awarded to a member who has, on or after 14 February 1975 and before 20 April 1999, completed 15 years efficient remunerated service in the Reserve Forces. A maximum of three years service in the Permanent Forces may be used as qualifying service for this award. Clasps are awarded for each additional period of five years efficient non-commissioned Reserve service after qualifying for the medal. Regular service or service as an officer does not qualify towards clasps for this award. From 20 April 1999 the Reserve Force Medal was replaced by the Defence Long Service Medal. However, clasps can still be issued in accordance with the eligibility criteria. The ribbon is azure blue with gold edges. The colours were the national colours of Australia at the time of introduction.

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