Premier Rundle Channel Point visit

4 November 1996

The Premier of Tasmania Tony Rundle in the NT with Chief Minister Shane Stone undertaking a fact finding mission about the Territory and our special needs by reason of remoteness and disadvantage of our indigenous community. Shane Stone crafted a deliberate policy to bring as many State and Territory leaders north so they could see for themselves the challenges confronting the NT. In this way Stone built alliances around the COAG table in the face of increasing criticism from NSW and in particular Premier Bob Carr who ultimately placed ads in national media. See Documents Archives 'Carr Governments unsuccessful assault on Northern Territory Funding'. Most supportive States regardless of political colour were Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia. Premiers Olsen, Brown, Rann, Rundle and Kennett all came to see for themselves. They all proved important allies in COAG and their respective Ministers in Ministerial Council meetings. Photographed Jack Stone (top of steps in plane). Left to right Brian Hannon, Premier Rundle, Julian Swinstead, Chris Nathaneal, Tony Randazzo, Michael Hannon and Joe Randazzo.

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