NT Delegation to Greece (including Kalymnos and Islands comprising the Greek Dodecanese) and Cyrus

26 September 1995

In Greece, Australians joined with a New Zealand and British force to defend the country against German invasion. The 6th Division arrived early April 1941 and on 6 April the Germans began their invasion. Allied force, together with Greek units, was unable to halt the rapid German advance down central Greece towards Athens. After a month of intensive fighting, the Allied force was evacuated from the Greek. Some soldiers were taken back to Egypt but many were put ashore on the island of Crete. With Greek troops, they formed 'Creforce' and prepared to meet the Germans, who came on 20 May 1941 in the shape of a major paratrooper landing at three different places along the north coast of the island. Despite vigorous opposition to the Germans, the Allied force had eventually to be withdrawn. About 39 per cent of the Australia troops in Greece on 6 April 1941 were either killed wounded or became prisoners of war. Chief Minister Stone and NT Delegation members at the Suda Bay Commonwealth War Grave Commission located in the North West of Crete. There are 1502 Commonwealth servicemen of WWII buried and commemorated in the cemetery. There are also 19 WWI veterans.

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