'The Memo'. Sample letter received and response (2001)

7 June 2001

The so-called Memo was a report summarizing the minutes of a meeting held at the request of Prime Minister Howard the day after the defeat of the Borbidge Government in an atmosphere of recrimination and anger. Federal Director Lynton Crosby, QLD State President Con Galtos of QLD and Shane Stone all took notes which they later compared; every QLD Federal member attended save for Cathy Sullivan who was an apology. Some months later the document was ‘leaked’ to leading political commentator Laurie Oakes. With some journalistic license it was dressed up as a memo to the Prime Minister from the Party President. The report repeated statements made in the meeting by Coalition Parliamentarians. A very large volume of mail exceeding 1000 letters were received following publication. The vast majority were supportive with 3 critical. This is a typical example and response.

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