Madeleine Stone Admission to Legal Practice

23 November 2020

Madeleine Stone photographed in front of the statue of Themes "Greek Goddess of Justice" (known colloquially as 'The Scales of Justice'), outside the Supreme and District Courts of Queensland following her Admission to practice. The sculpture of Themis by Mary I Papaconstantinou-Ponticou is situated at the western corner of the building. In classical Greek mythology, Themis was the Titan goddess of divine law and order. The sculpture was donated to the people of Queensland in 1987 by Angelo Efstathis CBE and stood outside the former Law Courts Complex at 304 George Street (where it was unveiled by State Governor and former Chief Justice Sir Walter Campbell on 19 February 1987) before being moved to its present location in 2012. At 304 George Street, the bronze sat on a red granite plinth — at 415 George Street, it sits on concrete.

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