Jack Stone at Crocodylus Park Darwin

11 September 2020

Crocodylus Park is a zoo situated in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Founded by Dr Graeme Webb, who began researching reptiles in the late 1960s, and since the 1970s has been actively involved in the conservation and management of wildlife resources. He is regarded by many as one of the world’s leading authorities on crocodilian research and management, and on the concept of conserving wildlife through sustainable use programs. Crocodylus Park specialises in the conservation of saltwater and freshwater crocodiles and features a comprehensive crocodile museum. The park also has big cats, monkeys, birds, turtles and snakes. Jack Stone at Crocodylus Park holding a children's python. Children's python is a species of nonvenomous snake in the family Pythonidae. The species is named after John George Children. It is a nocturnal species occurring in the northern half of Australia and generally found on the ground, although it often climbs trees.

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