Madeleine Stone at the original Ettamogah Pub

17 August 2019

Madeleine Stone at the original Ettamogah pub near Albury. The Ettamogah Pub was originally conceived by cartoonist Kenneth aka Ken Maynard who started drawing the iconic building, with its outward leaning walls and bullnose verandah, in 1959. The Ettamogah Mob cartoons, an iconic series were published in The Australasian Post for nearly 50 years until that publication closed in the early 2000s. As a boy, Ken would cycle around a water hole called Ettamogah, an Aboriginal word meaning 'place of good drink'. The pub was built by businessman Lindsay Cooper and first opened in 1987. The aim was to create a themed family restaurant which would become a tourist attraction. The timber building featured sloping walls and a distinctive architectural style true to the original cartoon design with the old Chevy ute parked on top. According to Ken Maynard's Ettamogah cartoons, the 1927 Chevy truck washed up on top of the pub in the floods and none of the regulars could be bothered to get it down. Ettamogah spelt backwards and said fast actually says ‘’how you going, mate’’?

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