Terry Stone reference Howard Florey Institute, University of Melbourne

24 February 1977

Following the completion of his schooling, Terry Stone initially enrolled at the Caufield Institute of Technology however he did not enjoy the experience of tertiary study and decided to seek full time employment withdrawing from the Bachelor of Business program after the first year notwithstanding he successfully passed all his units. He was still deeply unsettled by the trauma of his father's premature death in December 1974. Terry worked a number of jobs including as a trainee anaesthetics technician at the Howard Florey Institute. By all accounts, he excelled in the role and worked with legendary medical researchers including Professor Sir Roy Douglas aka Pansy Wright. Ultimately Terry decided after a short 10 months, this was not for him and he moved on notwithstanding efforts to keep him at the Florey Institute where he was promised a permanent laboratory role. The reference, in glowing terms, is from the Laboratory Manager, Howard Florey Institute of Experimental Physiology and Medicine, University of Melbourne, Mr Conrad Rabl. Terry ultimately returned to the Border area where he obtained various employment before starting an apprenticeship as a solid plasterer.

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