Pam Stone catching rabbits


Pam and Les Stone married in 1946. On graduating from Melbourne Teachers College Les was sent to a one teacher school, Tahara SS near Hamilton, Western Victoria. The couple started their married life in the most difficult of circumstances. Promises of a schoolhouse at Tahara were not honoured. Further disruption occurred when the school was closed and the students were bused to Merino SS. Later the couple shared accommodation with soldier settler Bob aka ‘Sparkie’ Sparks. Their new shared home had a rammed earth floor, a Coolgardie safe (a non-electric fridge developed on the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia in about 1815 that worked on the principle of evaporation) and scant furnishings. The new couple supplemented Les’s income with hunting rabbits. They purchased a couple of ferrets and a whippet dog spending weekends roaming the countryside on their bicycles in pursuit of Australia’s national pest, the rabbit. Photographed Pam Stone with a weekend catch.

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