Bill Curtain

February 2001

Requiem Mass order of service to celebrate the life of William aka Bill Curtain 28 July 1909 - 14 February 2001. Mass of thanksgiving celebrated at St Patrick's Catholic Church Wangaratta, interned Chiltern Cemetery. Godfather of Terry Michael Stone the Curtains were deeply immersed in the life of the Stone family starting from Les Stone's appointment as Headmaster at the one teacher Cornishtown SS. Julie and Bill Curtain were in every sense surrogate grandparents to Shane as he spent lengthy periods on the Curtain farm 'Home Bush' at Indigo between Cornishtown and Chiltern. Bill gave Shane a newly born lamb which he called ''Lambie Pie'' - to Shane's horror that where he ended up. See Archives Images 'Bill Curtain and Shane Stone with 'Lambie Pie' and Documents 'Extracts from Cornishtown & Prentice Schools Reunion 1873 - 1998'.

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