White - bellied Sea Eagle


Painting of a white-bellied Sea Eagle on the Mary River in Australia's Northern Territory by renowned Australian artist Peter Slater. Original painting owned by the Stone Family. The painting is reproduced in 'Australian Birds' by Peter Slater, Steve Parrish Publishing first edition 1997, second edition 2003. Image available on this website as jpg and pdf formats. The sea eagle features in the Coat of Arms of Shane Leslie Stone. The crest that sits atop the helmet comprises a North Australian sea eagle (described in the Letters Patent as a white breasted sea eagle; in the parlance of heraldry the eagle signifies a person of noble nature, strength, bravery, and alertness; or one who is high-spirited, ingenious, quick-witted, and judicious; ‘True magnanimity and strength of mind’ according to Guillim; further if the wings are ‘displayed’ it signifies protection). The sea eagle is in flight with a barramundi (a fish symbolises a true, generous mind; virtuous for himself, not because of his heritage; also unity with Christ, spiritual nourishment) in its talons. The design of the crest and qualities espoused were chosen to define and acknowledge Les and Pam Stone’s characters and qualities. The precise extract from the Letters Patent: ‘ A White Breasted Sea Eagle wings elevated and addorsed proper grasping with its talons a Barramundi Azure Mantled Tenny and Sable doubled Argent as are in the margin hereof more plainly depicted’. For full details on the Coat of Arms see separate section on this website.

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